The Female vs. Male Strength Debate... Resolved

To better understand the challenges women face today when taking on new combat duties, it is probably best to start with one of the most well-known arguments against women in combat: women are biologically different from men and are physically weaker than men, making women less suited for combat duties that require great physical strength. However, advocates on both sides of the argument typically get the facts completely wrong and miss the simple, logical answer that renders the entire argument meaningless. In this article, we suggest that if women are not achieving or exceeding military physical fitness standards on the male scale, it is not because they are physically incapable of doing so.

Woman Warrior: Our Mission and Ideals

More than ever before in modern history, women are afforded the opportunity to serve in combat roles. However, what organizations exist to actually help and support women risking their lives on the front lines? What resources exist to help these women succeed in their professions and have an impact on the world? Our mission here at “Woman Warrior” is to fulfill these desperately needed roles. If women are to succeed in combat, it is not enough to just pass legislation granting us entry into combat roles. We must prove that our existence is not a political agenda or publicity stunt. We must prove that we are truly helping to win the fight and keep our communities safe. Now we have a place to do that.